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Baby In Back

Safety Council of Palm Beach County, Inc. to Launch
Second Phase of Baby in Back! Educational Campaign

West Palm Beach, Fla. — We keep seeing the headlines and news stories about children dying after being inadvertently forgotten in a hot vehicle. The story hits close to home as well as nationally. Hyperthermia has killed more than 500 children since 1998. It has happened to fanatically organized parents. It has happened to all ages and ethnicities. In the last 10 years, it has happened to a dentist, a police officer, a soldier, a clergyman, an assistant principal and a pediatrician.

To address this emerging public health issue, the Safety Council of Palm Beach County, Inc. is partnering with the Sheriff’s Office of Palm Beach County on the second phase of the Baby In Back!  educational campaign. 

Baby in Back!  is an awareness campaign that provides a simple, low tech reminder to parents and others transporting children.   

The Safety Council is asking organizations that reach parents to  

  • Always distribute the bracelet with the information card, since many are not aware of the problem.

  • Tell parents and caregivers to wear the bracelet each and every time their child is in the backseat.

  • Explain that when they take the child out of the car, they should leave the bracelet in a designated place - in the same place- in the vehicle.

Often a change in routine, along with other driver distractions, causes the parent to forget that their child is in the backseat.

“If this reminder system saves even one child from being forgotten, it will be so worth it”, stated Donna Bryan with the Safety Council. “ We continue to hear of the horror of hyperthermia, and it’s ironic but we will never know of the babies saved because of this program.  We were thrilled how Baby in Back! was embraced by the community and we initially distributed 10,000 bracelets and info cards very quickly.”

Parents and interested organizations can obtain the Baby in Back! Bracelets at the Safety Council,  the District Offices of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, and at Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Child Passenger Seat Fitting Stations.

Statistics provided by KidsAndCars.org, a national nonprofit child safety organization dedicated to preventing injuries and death to children in or around motor vehicles.

  • Total number of U.S. hyperthermia deaths of children left in cars, 2012: 23
  • Total number of U.S. hyperthermia deaths of children left in cars, 2011: 33
  • Total number of U.S. hyperthermia deaths of children left in cars, 1998-present: 550
  • Average number of U.S. child hyperthermia fatalities per year since 1998: 38

 The highest number of fatalities for a one-year time period took place in 2010: 49

Click below to watch a video about the Baby In Back blue bracelet.


Safety campaigns try to prevent children from dying in hot cars

By Angel Streeter, Sun Sentinel

August 15 2012, 9:03 PM EDT

Children left in scorching vehicles, dying from heat stroke, have become an all-too-familiar tragedy in South Florida.

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